AGRICULTURE is the Most Healthy, Most Useful, Most Noble Profession of mankind

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increase Value Proposition using Simplify Agri Solutions

Simplify Agri Creates software and Data Science Solution to help farmer

Increase Traceability of farmers produce

Increase Visibility of farmers process and produce

Increase Productivity

Reduce and Optimize cost of production

In addition to these Simplify Agri creates IT solutions for Farmer producer Companies, Co-Operative societies And service Providing. who will be working to help farmers produce better and farmers get better value for their produce.

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How We Work

Simplify Agri’s Team research based approach draws from many disciplines and benefits from collaboration with variety of stakeholders including farmers, FPO’s, Co-Operative Societies, Government organisations, Agriculture universities, input suppliers .

Research and Development

Our R&D team work extensively to ensure simple and easy to understand UX for collecting information from farmers.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Simplify Agri team empowered with professionals from different domain is working hand in hand to bring complete and simple solutions for farmers and farming service providers.


Simplify Agri is collaborating with government agencies, input suppliers, IOT solution providers, FPO’s, Co-Operative Societies, farmer groups etc to reach farmers and simplify reasonable solutions for the farmers and empower them

Participate and Involve

Team Simplify Agri have been involving in farming activities from 2016 to understand and experience the farming process, post harvest distribution, resource management etc.

ERP for Farmers

  • A mobile application that interact with farmers as a personal assistant helping farmers to record their daily activity within 10 minutes.
  • The app alerts, notify, remind farmers on regular basis to ensure farmer does not get surprised at any point of cultivation.
  • Periodic reports on expenses, income, profit, loss, inputs, yield, resource used etc.
  • Consolidated report on a crop from seed to harvest.
  • Easy access to expert help and service providers.
  • Increase traceability, visibility, productivity
  • Optimize production cost, increase income.

Online sales tools

  • A mobile and web interface for farmer groups to sell farmer produce to consumers directly.
  • Easy to update farm produce available with images and traceability.
  • Help farmers sell their produce before harvesting.
  • Better price, less cost for sales.
  • consumers know what they buy to eat.

Door delivery applications

  • Door delivery systems designed for scheduled deliveries for products like milk.
  • Door delivery solution for repeated order for same consumers
  • Specifically designed for farm produce
  • Can be implemented within a small region.
  • delivery person independent

Procurement centres

  • Simplify Agri help farmers associated with procurement centres to inform the centre about the possible harvest for the next day through a mobile application.
  • Simplify Agri mobile application will help merchants who buy from the procurement centre to post the demand for the next day.
  • Information of harvest and demand in a single dash board will help the management to control and adjust the procurement and orders to ensure no wastage, better pricing for farmers produce.

Simplify Agri Projects

Team Simplify Agri takes up projects which will help us reach farmers

  • All
  • ERP for Farmer
  • Sales App
  • Door Delivery App


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Simplify Agri Services

Farmers Manager

Daily process recording or day book keeping is a job which require discipline and expertise, Our farm consultants keep daily contact with the farmers and collect information from the farmers on their schedule for work, work done for the day, inputs, expenses, resources used, yield, income, damages etc.

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Harvest Forecast

A mobile app for farmers to update the harvest to be done will help buyers, agencies, to plan their business.

This will also help farmers to sell their produce before it is harvested and will ensure better value for the produce.

Farmers groups, FPO’s, Co-Operative Societies who run a platform for collecting farmers produce and help them sell for a better value will be able to access a dashboard which will give them a clear view of the collective harvest and demand for each item, this will help them avoid wastage and ensure better value for their produce.

Simplify Agri is Up-skilling Farmers to explore and use the latest technology to optimize farming.

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Scheduled Delivery

One of the most essential and critical need to an Indian kitchen is MILK. A consumer who want to buy milk from a farmer or a farmers group will always be buying it on a regular basis.

Simplify Agri provide mobile application for delivery boys and a web solution for the administration to schedule the milk delivery on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis or even alternate days as the consumer want it.

This will help consumer design his procurement schedule and meet the need, and this will help the farmer plan his harvest and post harvest sales.

There are other products like egg, meat, fish, vegetables, rice etc which can be scheduled for periodic delivery to each house hold.

Simplify Agri is Up-skilling Farmers to explore and use the latest technology to optimize farming.

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Traceable and stable profession

One of the most crucial aspect a farmer lacks is traceability of his produce, once farmer starts suing Simplify Agri solutions his process will be documented and traceability of his produce will be improved by large.

This will encourage merchants and consumers to procure farmers produce for better value.

Insurance companies will find it easy to provide service to farmers and better products will evolve absorbing the risk of farming.

Banks will find farming a reliable and stable profession and farmers will get proper financial products to support and develop their farming.

Simplify Agri is Up-skilling Farmers to explore and use the latest technology to optimize farming.

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For research and Policy making

Live process when updated by farmers using Simplify Agri is accessible for experts in the research institutions. This helps them in the research activities and come up with better and solutions which are reachable and which counters farmers problems and pain points.

For government institutions and planning authorities, live data from the field help government in structuring policies and packages for farmers which are real time and which solve current issues and blockages

Simplify Agri help Agricultural universities and Krishi Vigyan Kendras to reach out to farmers when they have an issue which need to be tackled with immediate effect.

Simplify Agri is Up-skilling Farmers to explore and use the latest technology to optimize farming.

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Smart Agri Village

Simplify Agri team is making a pool of solution for a group of farmers who can produce in a region and sell the produce to consumers in the same region

The solution include mobile application for farmers to record their daily process in the farm, mobile application for consumers to order, subscribe farm products, a web application for the administration (designated by the group of farmers) to analyse, plan and operate and a mobile application for door delivery executives.

Smart Agri Village encourage more consumers to start farming, there by increasing the number of farmers.

Smart Agri Village reduce the food miles by large as the farm produce go directly to the consumers in the same region

Smart Agri Village increase the farmers income and reduce the cost of production.

Smart Agri Village ensure a stronger and stable village economy.

Simplify Agri is Up-skilling Farmers to explore and use the latest technology to optimize farming.

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